jueves, abril 28, 2005

Que esto no va a parar eh

Ayer en Egipto hubieron varias manifestaciones
contra Mubarak, en diferentes cuidades:
Egypt's fledgling movement for political reform tried to extend its reach nationally today by organizing demonstrations in 14 major cities from Aswan to Alexandria, but a major deployment of riot police and scores of detentions drastically minimized the effort.
La policía consiguió minimizar las manifestaciones, pero la gente ya no tiene miedo a salir, y seguirán saliendo.

Y cuidao, que en Siria, en la propia Siria y por propios sirios, se está empezando a mover algo también. via Publiuspundit:
DAMASCUS: Chanting “freedom, freedom,” about 200 Syrians protested on Sunday outside a Damascus state security court where a prominent human rights campaigner accused of opposing the state was on trial.

The area was sealed off by about 50 riot police as demonstrators, including many Kurds, carried posters of the defendants and banners denouncing the emergency law in force in Syria since the Baath Party took power in 1963.



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