lunes, abril 25, 2005

Buenas noticias desde Irak

Las trae Chrenkoff en una nueva edición de buenas noticias desde Irak. Entre éstas cabe destacar las respuestas que dieron unos cuantos iraquíes a unas encuestas que realizó la BBC, que sin duda les debe doler que les respondan en sus propias narices de forma positiva sobre Irak:
Here's Saad, 32, sound engineer from Basra: "Iraqis are feeling better. They are breathing the air of freedom. They read, watch and say what they want. They travel, work and receive a living wage. They use mobile phones, satellite dishes and the internet, which they did not even know before... As for terrorism, we are now beginning to unite against it and to defeat it."

Noura, 32, computer engineer from Baghdad and a Christian: "While we lost security after Saddam's fall, we gained our freedom and a chance to build a new society."

Nada, 32, government worker from Mosul: "We never imagined that the Turkmen community would have a political party representing them in Iraq, but this is happening now."

Kaban, 31, electrical engineer from Baghdad: "There have been many changes since the fall of Saddam's regime, but the most important change was that we feel free... However, those who say that security was better in the past are completely wrong. It is true we did not have suicide car bombings in Saddam's era, but our homes did not feel safe from the intrusion of Saddam's security men, who came in the middle of the night to kidnap, kill or rape."

Waala, 25, schoolteacher from Baghdad: "The Sunnis in Iraq do not live in isolation from the political and social circles of life, as many people outside Iraq seem to believe. Nothing has affected our relationships with each other - we face the same problems. This applies to Sunnis or Shia, Christians or Muslims, Arabs or Kurds. Unfortunately, the refusal by some Sunnis to participate in the elections was the cause of some political isolation."

Imad Mohammed, 25, university graduate from Baghdad: "I am no longer worried about losing my dignity or my life. And I am also getting a higher income, like most Iraqis."
Mientras tanto, Bob Herbert desde su columna en el NYT dice:
The vast amount of suffering and death endured by civilians as a result of the U.S.-led invasion of Iraq has, for the most part, been carefully kept out of the consciousness of the average American.
Y yo le recuerdo que las buenas noticias sobre Irak no las saco precisamente del New York Times, sino de lo que va recopilando un incansable hombre harto de que los Mass Media cuenten sólo la parte negativa. Cuando el NYT publique algo positivo sobre Irak, hablamos BOB.


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