miércoles, mayo 04, 2005

Los Shiies aguantan

Mientras las últimas semanas los terroristas, jaleados desde occidente por los fascistas que los apoyan, han iniciado una ola de violencia contra los Shiies, éstos últimos esperan pacíficamente el fin de la violencia. Ayudan a los cuerpos de seguridad denunciando, pero se resisten a utilizar la violencia contra los terroristas sunnies:
So is Hashimi fighting back? Not at all. "We just ran away," he says without a trace of embarrassment. "Sistani and the religious authorities in Najaf decided not to use force, so we couldn't do anything." To the Shiites of Iraq, Grand Ayatollah Ali Sistani's word is law. "We must obey."

In some parts of the world, any one of those incidents would likely have led to a retaliatory bloodbath. But there wasn't a single verifiable incident of a counterstrike from the Shiites of Iraq. One of Sistani's fellow ayatollahs, Mohammed Kadhim al-Haeri, issued a warning to the faithful: "Beware of the witty Saddamites and their followers, Sunnis. Be patient and wise. Beware of sectarian war." His people clearly listened. "If it were not for the wisdom of the Shia leaders, who can control their people, there would have been the probability of civil war," says Jawad Maliky, spokesman for one of Iraq's two leading Shia political parties, the Dawa.

El problema está también en que algunos sunnies radicales no toleran que la mayoría Shiie gobierne Irak, ya que creen que sólo los sunnies pueden gobernar Irak:
Iraq's Shiites have centuries of practice at swallowing their anger. They have been a subject people for most of the past millennium, even though Shiism was born in Iraq. Many Sunnis seem utterly convinced that they were born to rule. Mishan al Jibouri is one of the few Sunni politicians who ignored the boycott calls and won a National Assembly seat. He insists on referring to Baghdad's Shiite majority as "guests" and makes it clear that he regards them as unwelcome ones. "Sunni Arabs were the ones who built Baghdad," he says, "and ever since the Abbassid Dynasty they have been ruling it." He insists that the Americans are plotting to hand the place over to Tehran.
Tengo entendido que una gran parte de los sunnies no apoyan a los terroristas sunnies, es un sector sunni radical la que quiere imponer su poder.


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