domingo, mayo 15, 2005

Kilometer Zero

Kilometer Zero es una película iraquí que muestra todo el sufrimiento del pueblo Kurdo ante el régimen genocida de Saddam Hussein, y va a competir en el festival de Cannes:
Hiner Saleem's Kilometer Zero, a road movie that delivers a wry comment on the tragedy that befell the Kurds of Iraq in the form of a genocide unleashed by Saddam Hussein.

For the Kurds of Iraq, the US invasion of the nation represents liberation and that is exactly what the film articulates thought not quite in so many words and so simply.

Given that the jury here is headed by Emir Kusturica, a filmmaker who himself belongs to a war-ravaged part of the world (Sarajevo), it wouldn't be surprising if Saleem's simple yet moving film strikes a chord with nine-member panel.

'My film,' asserts Saleem, 'is more than just an ideological tract. I want the whole world to become aware of the plight of Iraqi Kurdistan and its people.' That is why, the filmmaker goes on to explain, my film highlights the natural beauty of Kurdistan to such an extent. 'My interest is in people, landscapes and stories. If Kilometer Zero helps the world discover my corner of the world, I would have done my job,' he adds.
(Via Iraq The Model)

Yo, en cuanto esté disponible no me la pierdo.


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