domingo, mayo 15, 2005

Un pequeño paso hacia adelante

Leo en el New York Times que algunos sunnies quieren entrar en el proceso democrático en Irak:
The Bush administration, struggling to cope with a recent intensification of insurgent violence in Iraq, has received signals from some radical Sunni Arab leaders that they would abandon fighting if the new Shiite majority government gave Sunnis a significant voice in the country's political evolution, administration officials said this week.

The officials said American contacts with what they called "rejectionist" elements among Sunni Arabs - the governing minority under Saddam Hussein, which has generated much of the insurgency, and largely boycotted January's elections - showed that many wanted to join in the political system, including the writing of a permanent constitution.

Como si los shies y los kurdos no hubieran hecho nada para que entraran en el gobierno. Para que todos los sunnies se comprometan con el nuevo gobierno aún falta, unos y otros se exigen cosas, pero es un paso hacia adelante más.


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