miércoles, abril 06, 2005

Irak y los periodistas

Chrenkoff escribe un post titulado "liberal columnist meets american soldier" (liberal en EEUU es ser progre), en la que se habla sobre la situación que transmiten los medios sobre Irak y la realidad. Resalto un par de frases:
"Army Spc. Paul Schlicher of Fort Lewis says the Iraq he has come to know isn't the same place most Americans keep hearing about.

"The Iraqi people leave an impression. Some are good people. Some are less so. Many Iraqis are poor and do not have running water or electricity. They bear the scars, psychological and physical, from the rule of Saddam Hussein. The despot is gone, and the people are so relieved.

"Spates of violence, from random gunfire to suicide bombs to assassinations, still keep Iraqis on edge. But here is the amazing thing: The joy of the people goes on. Their resilience inspires. They may not have much materially and they may have seen horrible things, yet they remain happy, deriving pleasure from their families, their newfound freedom and life itself.

"They are grateful for the presence of U.S. soldiers who are planting seeds of democracy in challenging terrain. Their gratitude makes a soldier's job worth it."

Mira que la gente se queja de la manipulación en los medios de habla inglesa, que por lo menos en éstos, intentan equilibrar un poco las noticias, pero lo que son los medios españoles, na nai, sólo cosas negativas.


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