miércoles, abril 06, 2005


Pasan los meses, 10.000 personas mueren cada mes en Darfur, hay informes que dicen que puede subir a los 15.000 al mes. Y seguimos sin hacer nada eficaz. Nicholas D. Kristoff en esta columna en el NYT comparte mi indignación. Efectivamente, este no es el mensaje del Papa:
President Bush and other world leaders are honoring John Paul II in a way that completely misunderstands his message. We pay him no tribute if we lower our flags to half-staff and send a grand presidential delegation to his funeral, when at the same time we avert our eyes as villagers are slaughtered and mutilated in the genocide unfolding in Darfur.

The message of the pope's ministry was about standing up to evil, not about holding grand funerals.

"Throughout the West, John Paul's witness reminded us of our obligation to build a culture of life in which the strong protect the weak," Mr. Bush said. Well, what about that reminder? What kind of a "culture of life" is it that allows us to shrug as Sudanese soldiers heave children onto bonfires?

If there is a lesson from the papacy of John Paul II, it is the power of moral force. The pope didn't command troops, but he deployed principles. And it's hypocritical of us to pretend to honor him by lowering our flags while simultaneously displaying an amoral indifference to genocide.

También me gustaría saber dónde están los concienciados "pacifistas". Parece que los titiriteros, necesitan también otros motivos para concienciar a la opinión pública .
Me encantaría tragarme mis palabras, en serio. Pero me temo que no va a ser así.


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