miércoles, abril 06, 2005

Periodistas asesinados

No, no me refiero a Couso, sino a Zahra Kazemi, una periodista canadiense-iraní, que tuvo la osadía de hacer fotos de cómo los gorilas del régimen iraní apaleaban a unos jóvenes que se manifestaban pidiendo libertad (¿será por esto por lo que nunca nos cuentan nada sobre lo que pasa en Irán). Lo cuenta Michael Ledeen:
Two summers ago, a middle-aged Iranian-Canadian journalist named Zahra Kazemi was arrested in Tehran while taking photographs of regime hoodlums beating up young people who were demonstrating for freedom. A few days later she turned up dead in a local military hospital. The regime denied requests from the family and the Canadian government to examine the body, insisted that she had fallen in her prison cell and died of injuries to her head, denied that anyone had beaten her, and hastily buried her without any proper autopsy.

Dr. Shahram Azam, a medical doctor who has just been granted asylum in Canada, has presented a firsthand account of the terrible death of Zara Kazemi. He says he examined Kazemi in a military hospital in Tehran on June 26, 2003. He says he found horrific injuries to her entire body that demonstrated torture and rape. By the time he examined her — an examination limited by the Islamic republic's sexist restrictions that made it illegal for a male doctor to look at her genital area — Kazemi was unconscious and her body was covered with bruises. According to Dr. Azam, she had a skull fracture, two broken fingers, missing fingernails, a crushed big toe, a smashed nose, deep scratches on her neck, and evidence of flogging on her legs and back.
Nosotros, en España, creemos que los únicos que asesinan a periodistas son los EEUU, no vaya a ser que nos cuenten sus secretos, ¿verdad Sgrena?


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