viernes, abril 01, 2005

En Irán ya están haciendo planes

En el Frontpage Magazine publican este artículo sobre Ghassem Sholeh Sadi, un disidente iraní:
But Mr. Sholeh Sadi said the opposition is considering a more daring tactic: street protests in major cities in the hopes of bringing the government to a halt. "There are two major ideas being debated," he said. "Some groups support the idea of boycotting the elections. But after the events in Kyrgyzstan, there is an idea to try to turn the election into a referendum and uprising. This could snowball. In Bishkek, it started with 1,000 people, then the number got much bigger. In Iran, the number is much higher. We could start with a few but then get millions."

Mr. Sholeh Sadi said he sees two possibilities for his country now. "I see the situation in the region to be pregnant for two kinds of developments, a velvet revolution like Ukraine or Georgia - or now in Kyrgyzstan - even what happened in Poland or many other places could happen," he said. "But I also see a possible military intervention by America."
Esperemos que se produzca un cambio de forma pacífica.
Y según vengo leyendo algunos meses, los iraníes echan de menos el apoyo de EEUU a su causa, espero que Bush tenga en cuenta que es muy importante apoyar a los iraníes.


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