jueves, marzo 31, 2005

Más sobre Irán

Ayer en Desde el Exilio se informaba sobre los incidentes ocurridos en Irán tras el partido contra Japón:
Generals Tala-i and Ghalibaf were subject of sharp criticisms for not having been able to control the situation at Azadi (Freedom) Stadium and in the Capital following the riots which happened after the Iran-Japan Soccer game. Several Intelligence deputies were blamed for the lack of control in provincial cities.
Como siempre en los medios no se dice nada sobre Irán. DoctorZin de Regime Change in Iran comenta tras la noticia:
The mainstream media missed the significance of the demonstrations. While the demonstrations were not large enough to bring the country to a point of crisis, they continue. Despite the arrest of pro-democracy leaders at such events, the demonstrations are repeated.
Michael Ledeen ayer, también trataba sobre el incidente, y no sólo sobre la poca información en los medios, sino de la manipulación de algunos; como si no pasara nada en Irán:
It was a wasted effort, of course, and I have since decided to decline the BBC's various invitations to legitimize their propaganda network. So it was deja vu when I noticed that the International Herald Tribune, the sly voice of the New York Times in Paris, had refused to see what is in front of everyone's eyes, instead treating the latest anti-regime demonstrations in Iran as a sporting event.


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