jueves, abril 14, 2005

¿Y qué hay de malo en esto?

vía Washington Post:
FALLUJAH, Iraq, April 13 -- Deputy Secretary of State Robert B. Zoellick paid a surprise visit Wednesday to this former insurgent stronghold to view the pace of reconstruction and meet with local officials. He was greeted with an earful of complaints.

At first, Zoellick heard words of praise for the U.S. intervention. But as he prodded the officials to air their concerns, a torrent of complaints poured out, focusing on such issues as the slow pace of reconstruction aid, frequent intimidation of citizens by American soldiers and the inability to buy fresh produce because of military checkpoints.
No hay nada malo en estas críticas. Son críticas con las que se pueden hacer algo; hay que mejorar la situación. Estas son las críticas que queremos oir, no críticas que no llevan a ninguna parte, que sólo se hacen por antiamericanismo.


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