lunes, marzo 21, 2005


una de las anteriores anotaciones: "Sobre reformular". Leo esto en el Frontpage Magazine:
Opponents of the war in Iraq said before during and after the war, that the war was about oil, that it would spread terror and that it had nothing to do with American security. They were wrong. The result of the war is a democracy movement spreading across the Arab Middle East, which is the heartland of the terrorist threat. Some opponents of the war in Iraq have begun to have second thoughts. But not the left. Ever the anti-American ideologue, Juan Cole has written a typical column for the Alternet site called "The Democracy Lie," in which he claims "the Bush Administration did not invade Iraq to spread democracy."

Well of course it did. The goals of the Bush Administration were 1) To enforce international law in the form of UN Resoluton 1441. Thus to end the cat and mouse game with Saddam over observance of the arms control agreements he had signed to end the Gulf War, thus to end the threat of Saddam's weapons programs and support for terrorist movements. And 2) to liberate the Iraqis from the tyrannical rule of Saddam and to establish the first of what it hoped would be many democracies in the Middle East.

Para tenerlo más claro, seguid leyendo.


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