viernes, junio 10, 2005

M. Moore is indeed "beri" "beri" bad for the left

¿Os lo tiene que contar un lefty?, pues ale:
Q: In my experience, it’s almost impossible to persuade people on the Left to look at the allegations made against Moore. How have your friends on the Left reacted to the details of fabrications, etc, you have listed? Do you now expect to be "excommunicated"?

A: I must say that this has not at all been my experience. The idea of Moore as the universal darling of the Left is, I think, a product of the right-wing media. There's been quite a lot of criticism of Moore in the left-wing press--or what passes for it--off the top of my head I can think of pieces in Dissent, The New Republic, Salon, Slate, LA Weekly, Blueprint, Open Democracy, and numerous left-wing blogs. Believe it or not, there are great numbers of thoughtful liberals who despise Moore and consider him very bad for the left. Most of my friends are on the Left, and none of them respect him. Well, maybe one or two, with reservations and caveats. Far from "excommunicating" me, my friends have encouraged me by saying that what I'm doing is important for the health of the Left, and wished me success.
Pienso que Mamón Moore le hizo un gran favorcito a Bush en las pasadas elecciones con su conspiparanoia. Es decir, no se puede tomar por gilipollas a la gente de esta manera, y les salió el tiro por la culata a los Demócratas apoyando a semejante elemento.


Blogger Rabbateur said...

A veces... legué incluso a pensar (eso SI que es maldad) a semejante anormal bajo las órdenes de Bush, para poner los pelos de punta a sus rivales y que se muriesen de vergüenza, viéndose reflejados en ese tipejo.
Saludos liberales.

9:55 p. m.  
Blogger socialista honrado said...

Si Moore fuera español ya le hubieran hecho ministro. Ésa es la diferencia con USA.

10:44 a. m.  
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