jueves, junio 09, 2005

De nuevo, enfrentamientos en las calles de Irán

Las protestas, manifestaciones, enfrentamientos no paran en Irán, de momento no son grandes multitudes, pero se producen por todo el país regularmente y creo que irá a mayores con el tiempo.
Esto, claro, no sale en los medios de comunicación tradicionales.

Disturbios despúes del partido de Irán:
Clashes or sporadic riot style protests are taking place in several provincial cities, such as, Hamedan, Tabriz, Mahabad, Keramshah, Mashad, Rasht, Mian-do-Ab, Abadan, Yazd, Kerman, Ghazvin and Oroomiah (former Rezai-e).

Groups of young are often retaliating to small groups of plainclothes men and Bassij paramilitary force.

Slogans calling for overthrow of the regime and even execution of clerics are shouted, such as, "Toop, Tank, Feshfeshe, Akhoond bayad koshte she" (Guns, Tanks, Cleric must be killed).

The number of injured is increasing as clashes are taking place in most areas of the Capital and several provincial cities.

Females, often young, are the majority among those brutalized by regime's plainclothes men and Bassij members.

Acid, Knives, chains or clubs have been used against most of them showing the deep respect of Iranian women by a regime which promotes the systematic Gender Apartheid policy.

In Guisha, Shahrak e Gharb, Gohardasht and Tajrish areas of Tehran several women were seen bleeding from faces or arms. Same kind of brutality have been reported from Mashad and Hamedan.

Dozens have been injured or arrested following the riots which rocked main Iranian cities, yesterday night, at the issue of Iran's win over Bahrain for the qualification of the 2006 World Cup soccer games. READ MORE

Tens, including many females, have been hospitalized due to the brutality used by Islamic regime's plainclothes men and members of the paramilitary Bassij force.

Several demonstrators have been injured due to the use of acid or knives while many other have been wounded by heavy clubs or chains.

Special sections of the security force's elite brigades started, in most cities, their massive crackdown after midnight by attacking those maverick demonstrators who persisted to stay and denounce the Islamist dictatorship.

In many cities, such as, Tehran, Esfahan, Shiraz and Mashad, angry demonstrators retaliated to the brutal attacks with pieces of stones, clubs, martial art and incendiary devices.

In the Greater Tehran's areas of Madar, Hafthose, Rey, Saadat Abad, Guisha, Sadeghie, Vali-e Asr, Eslamshahr, Tajrish and Azadi heavy damages were inflicted to public materials and buildings. Windows of tens of buses and offices or commercial entities affiliated to the Islamic regime were smashed by demonstrators.

Some of the Capital's avenues, such as, Azadi or Enghelab were covered with pieces of broken glace.

Most of regime's propaganda devices, such as, its sham electoral propaganda were brought down or set on fire.

Several militiamen were also injured in those clashes and several patrol vehicles or Militia's motorbikes were damaged or torched.

The National exasperation is to the point that young male demonstrators had in most occasion to create security belts around maverick females who persisted to stay and 'fight'.

The regime had tried to take the lead in order to calm the Iranians by offering celebration ceremonies but once again, Iranians turned them against it.

Toda esta información lo provee The Student Movement Coordinating Committee for Democracy in Iran, que muchas veces tiene la web caída. De todas formas siempre está RCI para informar de lo que pasa en Irán.


Blogger Rabbateur said...

Leeuw... a mí siempre me ha dado más miedo Irán que cualquier otro país (incluído el Iraq de Saddam); veremos en qué terminan estas cosas... pues si alguien es eficaz reprimiendo, es un régimen totalitario y fanático como el de Irán.
Saludos liberales.

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