miércoles, junio 01, 2005

Estaba yo ansioso por una nueva columna de Michael ledeen

Opiniones, con las que suelo coincidir plenamente, aquí una nueva columna:
The Washington Post gets full marks for exposing the alarming lack of seriousness with which President Bush is now dealing with what is euphemistically called "The Global War Against Terrorism." Numerous key positions — including the State Department’s top slot, vacated at the end of last year by Cofer Black, and the head of the new counterterrorism center — are vacant, and the National Security Council is working hard to define our current strategy, led by the impressive Frances Townsend.

After nearly four years?

Indeed, if you talk to military officers engaged in the GWOT, more often than not you will hear a lament, because that war has yet to be defined. Despite all of the president’s tough talk, despite the often extraordinary performance of our soldiers and some notable accomplishments by intelligence officers, the "enemy" remains vague, and we are mainly playing a sucker’s game of responding to attacks and helping those who help us on the ground, as in post-Fallujah Iraq. Our other main claim to fame in fighting terrorism, Afghanistan, is currently suffering from cynical neglect by us and our allies, and from considerable corruption, some of it our own.

Another Turning Point
In short, as the president’s critics are rightly reminding him, more time has passed since 9/11 than transpired between Pearl Harbor and the surrender of the Japanese empire, and our most lethal enemies are still in power and still killing our people and our friends. It is good that the desire for freedom is now manifest among the oppressed peoples of the Middle East and Central Asia, and it is very good that dramatic strides toward self-government have been taken by the Georgians, Kyrgistanis, Ukrainians, Iraqis, and Lebanese. But it is not good enough. Indeed, it is shameful that we have yet to seriously challenge the legitimacy of the terror masters in Tehran and Damascus, who represent the keystone of the terrorist edifice.

Leed el resto.
Ledeen le exige a la Administración Bush que siga adelante con expandir la libertad y la democracia por Oriente Medio, que no calle ante las injusticias que cometen los tiranos contra su propia gente, que no traiccione a las gentes que se juegan la vida para conquistar la libertad.
Es así, los peligros no se van a ir desarmando tiranos o obligandoles a dejar de colaborar con terroristas. Sólo ofrecer democracia y libertad podrá evitar la amenaza que suponen estos tiranos para el resto del planeta y a su propio pueblo.


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Siempre he pensado que los halcones belicistas son necesarios en el bando de los buenos.

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