miércoles, mayo 25, 2005


Secretary of State Rice yesterday warned Iran's "unelected leaders" that the day will come when their people will demand the same rights and liberties recently sought by Iraqis and Lebanese.

Speaking at the annual policy conference for the American Israel Public Affairs Committee, Ms. Rice said to thunderous applause, "Ladies and gentlemen, the Middle East is changing and even the unelected leaders in Tehran must recognize this fact. They must know that the energy of reform that is building all around them will one day inspire Iran's citizens to demand their liberty and their rights. The United States stands with the people of Iran."
(Via RCI)

Por otro lado me entero, también via Regime Change in Iran, que cientos de estudiantes volvieron a protestar contra el régimen de los mullahs:
Hundreds of students of Tehran University gathered, yesterday night, in order to protest against the Islamic regime.

Slogans, such as, "Marg bar Jomhoori e Eslami" (Down with Islamic republic), "Marg bar Estebdad" (Down with repression), "Azadi, Azadi" (Freedom, Freedom), "Eslahtalab e bi khassyat, Khejalat, khejalat" (Incompetent reformist, shame, shame), "Na ghom khoobe, na kashoon, khak bar sar har do shoon" (Nor ghom is good, nor kashan, damned bee both - by making allusion to regime's both factions), "Moin e bikhassyat, khejalat, khejalat" (Moin the incompetent, shame, shame) and "Daneshjoo mirazmad, estebdad milarzad" (Student fights, regime shakes) were shouted by students.

Alguna frase habrá que aprenderse y esta me gusta:"Azadi, Azadi"


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