miércoles, abril 20, 2005


Coincidimos en que las Naciones Unidas necesita un gran cambio; hay que reformarla. En una reciente encuesta hecho en varios países se concluye que hay que reformar la ONU:
There is overwhelming popular support for the UN to be reformed, according to a BBC World Service poll among the citizens of 23 countries.

'A stronger UN'

These included majority backing in four of the current permanent members, the US (70%), Britain (74%), France (67%) and China (54%).

In Russia, the fifth permanent member, only 44% backed the idea of expansion.

An average of 69% of those questioned in the poll favoured enlargement of the Security Council, with the strongest support coming from Italy (86%), Canada (84%), Germany and Australia (both 81%).

Among the countries discussed as possible new members, Germany and Japan were especially popular.

In all countries but one, more people favour than oppose the idea of giving the UN Security Council the power to override the veto of a permanent member.

There was an overall average support of 58%, with 24% against.

Respondents said they wanted to see a UN becoming "significantly more powerful in world affairs", and registered an average support of 64%
Me alegro que un alto porcentaje diga que la ONU necesita tener más protagonismo y más fuerza en conflictos mundiales. Una organización que está para salvaguardar la paz mundial no puede permanecer pasivo antes genocidios y ser el tonto útil de regímenes casposos.


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