jueves, marzo 24, 2005

Vuelvo a leer

Michael Leeden. En un artículo en el cual comienza aclarando desinformaciones de Reuters, y más tarde da más información sobre algunas manifestaciones que se produjeron cuando celebraron su año nuevo (ya comenté algo en este post), Norooz:

In fact, according to Iranians with whom I have spoken, there were monster demonstrations in eleven provinces and 37 cities, and many thousands — one source said more than 30,000 — people were arrested, some only briefly, others shipped off to the infamous prisons and torture chambers of the regime. The most dramatic events took place in Shiraz, where the demonstrators directed a chant toward Washington: "Bush, you told us to rise up, and so we have. Why don’t you act?"
Finaliza citando a los iraníes que gritaban: "Bush, nos dijiste que nos levantásemos, así lo hemos hecho, ¿por qué no actúas?"
Que es lo que más tarde trata Ledeen:
The Europeans are told that we will support their nuclear negotiations with the Iranian regime for the time being, but they must join with us in strong action if the talks fail.

In each case, we have convinced ourselves that, by taking a sweet and reasonable position today, we will be in a stronger position for tough action tomorrow.
Dice Leeden que hay que pasar de la diplomacia y pasar a la acción:
Syria and Iran are tottering, and if they fall, the terror network will break into relatively impotent shards that we will be able to destroy. Forget about diplomacy, this is war

The fires of freedom are burning all over Iran, Syria, and Lebanon. Don't stand back and admire the flames. Push the dictators in, and then cheer as free societies emerge.
Y yo me sigo preguntando por qué hablan tanto de teocracia a la iraní en Irak, si quizás no la tengan ni siquiera en Irán.


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