martes, septiembre 26, 2006


Aunque yo no sea Ancap, ni comparta totalmente el Unschooling, la verdad es que lo que dice tiene mucha razón, y yo personalmente soy bastante crítico con el tipo de educación que se da en España, el cual creo que habría que reformar de manera radical.

David Friedman:
Unschooling is currently in the news, our children (12 and 15) are unschooled, and the best defense is a good offense, so …

One of the assumptions built into the conventional version of K-12 schooling, private and public, is that there is some subset of human knowledge, large enough to occupy most of twelve years of school, that everyone needs to know. That assumption is false. There is a very short list of skills–reading, writing or typing, and simple arithmetic are the only ones that occur to me–that almost everyone will find worth learning. Beyond that, education involves learning things, but not any particular things. The standard curriculum is for the most part an arbitrary list of what happens to be in fashion–the subjects everyone is required to pretend to learn.

Consider, as examples, English composition, American history, algebra, geometry, and trigonometry. Each will prove very useful so some people, occasionally useful to more, and almost entirely useless to quite a lot. And, although practically every high school graduate is supposed to have learned each of those things, many, probably a majority, have not--as anyone who has taught college freshmen can testify.

Y sigue.

Lo cierto es que moviéndome libremente por internet me ha dado cierta educación. Escribo mucho mejor que antes, he aprendido mucho más inglés, historia, economía etc... Y no sólo limitándome a leer, sino a investigar muchas cosas también.


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