jueves, septiembre 28, 2006

Comienza la campaña

de humanización de regímenes de opresión:
The BBC radio 4 in Britain has started a campaign of misinformation on Iran. It is called ‘Uncovering Iran’. What is the BBC’s agenda, I wonder? On tonight’s edition broadcast at 8 pm what I heard was akin to what you would here on the regime’s state run media channels inside Iran every hour of every day! This set of misinformation is a kind of propaganda that the regime itself could not have devised any better to illustrate to the British public an image of a good regime that respects human rights, democratic principles and values on the one hand and on the other a regime which has been subjected to the unreasonable aggression of the Bush administration. I am speechless!

In the earlier editions and so far the BBC has painted the Islamic Republic a nice place to live in. No mention of the regime’s atrocities against the Iranians; no mention of the living conditions of millions of Iranians; no mention of the high number of drug addicts; no mention of the Iranian girls being sold as sex slaves to the neighbouring Arab countries; no mention of the Islamic regime being the second biggest executioner in the world after China; no mention of the hangings of children; no mention of the high level of corruption; no mention of the closure of newspapers and magazines for the slightest criticism of the regime; no mention of the thousands of prisoners of conscience; no mention of countless other breaches of basic human rights; no mention of the regime’s intentions to export their revolution to the third world Muslim countries; no mention of the regime’s military and financial support of the terrorist organisations; no mention of the…

Luego los mismos a los que les hierve la sangre al hablar de Franco, te dicen; no, yo no apoyo a Saddam, pero.... bla bla bla. A esta gente les diría, piensa en Franco, lo mucho que le odias, lo mucho que te hierve la sangre, multiplica esa ira por cien, y luego me dices qué hacer con otros monstruos.


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Acabo de tener un déjà vu

Por cierto, no veo la publi ;P

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hola mi nombre es chiki , mi dirección de blogger es www.lavidachikiki.com, me gusta la politica exterior soy de mexico

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